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Adam Owen

Fairbanks, AK



Pyrography is the art of burning on a natural surface such as wood, antler, or leather. This unique art form dates back to cave drawings by those prehistoric men and women fascinated by the beauty and mystery of fire. However, it's not so easy that a "cave man can do it"! It takes meticulous attention to detail and patience to produce a quality piece of artwork.

I love pyrography because the natural canvas of wood or antler blends perfectly with any it a bull moose...a best friends labrador retreiver... or a log cabin landscape. The resulting creation is a rich seppia impression of art imitating life.

As a pyrographer, I labor over each individual burning so that the essence and true character of the subject is captured. My love of pyrography and wildlife is a natural expression of my appreciation for the natural beauty which surrounds me everyday in Alaska where I live. My art is a therapeutic outlet which allows me the opportunity to express my creativity and pay tribute to the wonderful life that God has blessed me with.

I have no formal art training and am a self-taught artist. When I was in junior high and high school I liked to draw but quit drawing when I left home. About 10 years ago I rediscovered my love of drawing and took up woodburning after I saw someone do it. I thought, "I can do that...and do it better". So my pretty wife, Bonnie, bought me a woodburning tool from Wal-mart. It took a while to realize why I was not able to get the detail I desired and upgraded to a better burning instrument. The quality and detail took off immediately! I have been burning for almost 10 years now. My only frustration is when people don't take my work (or pyrography in general) seriously as fine art and group it in the "craft" category. This is definitely not a craft in my opinion.


I love to hunt and fish in Alaska so I get to see some of the more remote areas away from people. I also have a great job that allows me the opportunity to see Alaska from the air. When I see something that catches my eye, I take a picture. I've included some of my favorite shots in a seperate gallery. I'm not trained in any of this, but I have fun trying to be the best I can.

Thanks for looking and commenting on my art!

If you are interested in purchasing one of my works, or discussing a commissioned piece, please contact me!

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Tree Bowl by Adam Owen


Nice to Meet You by Adam Owen


Scratch That Itch by Adam Owen


Lynx'ed for Life by Adam Owen


Tender Moment by Adam Owen


Evening Departure by Adam Owen


Diving For Dinner by Adam Owen


Oh Shit Corner by Adam Owen


TAPS and Sukakapak by Adam Owen


Badger Slough by Adam Owen


Lokking for Trouble by Adam Owen


Sunshine in the birch trees by Adam Owen


Big Bull in Minto by Adam Owen


Badger Slough on a Frosty Morning by Adam Owen


Lowry Moose Antler Sign by Adam Owen


Don't Look Back by Adam Owen


Boreal Forest Sunrise by Adam Owen


Brooks Range Reflection by Adam Owen


Battle Scarred Big Horn Ram by Adam Owen


Bull Moose Silhouette by Adam Owen


Moose on a Mission by Adam Owen


Moose Camp at Sunset by Adam Owen


Muzzle Nuzzle by Adam Owen


Atigun Valley Aerial by Adam Owen


Dietrich River - Brooks Range Alaska by Adam Owen


Chandalar River - Brooks Range Alaska by Adam Owen


Chandalar Shelf - Brooks Range Alaska by Adam Owen


Bull Caribou Winter Kill by Adam Owen


Atigun Valley Caribou Shed by Adam Owen


Pet Portrait - Hunter by Adam Owen


Flowers on the Koyukuk by Adam Owen


Get Your Feet Wet by Adam Owen


Antlers Over the Koyukuk 2 by Adam Owen


Antlers Over The Koyukuk by Adam Owen


Koyukuk Valley Hike by Adam Owen


Somewhere West of Laramie by Adam Owen


Who's Hunting Who by Adam Owen


Cliff Hanger by Adam Owen


Moose Antler Plaque by Adam Owen


Buck by Adam Owen


Blue Moon by Adam Owen


Arctic Hare by Adam Owen


Arctic Chickens by Adam Owen


Arctic Atomic Sunrise by Adam Owen


Caribou WInter Kill by Adam Owen


Alaska Winter High Noon by Adam Owen


Moose Shed by Adam Owen


Bruiser Bull Moose by Adam Owen